Clarify Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity

Getting deeply reconnected to the Source Idea of your enterprise and its Pattern Integrity. Get back on track if you are off track.



Enterprise design, align all resourcing, design strategy, create coherence, unlock the power of your people and enterprise



Collaboration with fellow participants, become the map-makers for the future of enterprise. Positively impact the wellbeing of Earth and all her creatures


Our large scale systems are broken, the future we are leaving for our children will be worse unless we do something urgently, and yet what can we do?

What we know

Capitalism is broken

We have handed over democracy to plutocracy and corporatism

The people and organisations who have created the problem want to be the ones who solve it, which is like having the arsonist become the firefighter

The Earth is screaming from our abuse

We are short term focused when we might consider the 100 year plan for enterprise and the increased wellbeing of all of humanity

We can be the change

“Either we see business as a restorative undertaking, or we, business people, will march the entire race to the undertaker. Business is the only mechanism on the planet today powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse global environmental and social degradation.”

Inc. Magazine April 1992 by Paul Hawken

My mentor of thirty years, Buckminster Fuller, said that rather than trying to change the current system, build a new one that makes the current system obsolete.

A tide has turned, I can feel it, can you?

Patagonia announced they have changed the purpose of their business to be “in the business of saving our home planet.”

A number of young entrepreneurs are no longer interested in empire and monopoly but in creating genuine good while holding the 100 year plan for the wellbeing of the planet.

The second largest recruitment company in the UK has committed to becoming a social enterprise. (see podcast with Phillip Ullmann)

Voices are waking to the power of grassroots movements, people who come together around a purpose that matters.

After twenty years of learning this craft through application my dedication is towards unlocking the power of enterprise through;


1. Developing the steward leader

The need to be 100% across everything Teams of trust
The need to dominate and rule A self managed and deliberately developmental team who take high responsibility
Long hard hours Time in atunement and contemplation for the good of the business and self
High anxiety and stress An increased feeling of peace and calm, the knowing that all is well
Lurching from fire to fire, decision to decision Proactive, connected to intuition
Sense of isolation Experience of partnership
Constantly on the precipice A resilient adaptive organisation
Overwhelmed Spaceousness
Health suffering Putting health as a priority
Personal relationship issues Either moving forward or completing
Lacking confidence/drive Moving into power and enthusiasm
At effect of everything Working on the 100 year plan

2. Supporting the creation of enterprise design that is coherent with the purpose of the business while unlocking the potential of all stakeholders and ensuring the increased wellbeing of Earth and all her creatures.

Traditional hierarchical structure More self managed, natural hierarchy
Layers of management Autonomous teams, minimal management
Cumbersome, slow to adapt Agile, fast moving, adaptive
Traditional learning and development Learning and development designed day to day
Reactive and focused on short term In a daily conversation with the 100 year plan
People as cogs in a machine People as adding extraordinary value
Extraction and appropriation as the model Generative, regenerative as central to everything
Single or even triple lens accounting All-in-accounting, considering the whole
Espoused values and behaviours Lived values, consistent coherent behaviours
High administration costs Reduced administration costs because of structure
Fragmented culture, either too polarised or not polarised enough Purposeful culture with polarity designed in consciously

This is not for everyone. Many people do not know about this problem, even though they are at the effect. Some people do not care. Some people care but do not want to act or know how to act and at what cost in the short term, which is understandable, as it is risky, there are no maps, and being a pioneer is not for everyone.

And then there is you. You care and it is time to act and you know it in your bones.

The million dollar question is how to do this while maintaining the tension between having a viable and healthy business and committing to an enterprise that enables a future we want to see for our children’s children.

This is where I come in. My work is as a facilitator for the steward leader building the model of enterprise that supports the increased well being of earth and all of her creatures.

As a facilitator and objective sounding board to you we co-create and design the most appropriate models that will ensure your enterprise becomes the model you seek AND remains viable.

The potential benefits to you;

Steward into existence the enterprise that reflects your deepest desires and solves the problems that matters most to you

Do so in a way that enables you to hold the space and shape of the enterprise with a light touch and impeccable integrity while maintaining a profound connection to the larger local, national and global field.

Be the steward leader to a team of people who care passionately about what you are doing and why, people who will bring their best selves to work and be able to work as purposeful individuals within an aligned team.

Maintain and evolve your own health, relationships and increasing wellbeing as you do this.

Ensure profit in all domains – money, commodity, culture and relationships, knowledge, technology, wellbeing, the future, community.

My offer to you to get started;

*Attend a Masterclass. If there is not one happening in your city, get a minimum of 18 people together and we will enable it to happen.

A. One day strategy session to explore how you and your enterprise might respond to the problems you see in the world through your business, and do so in a way that enlivens and benefits all. This can be with you and/or your leadership team. Does not include travel and accommodation. Can be held anywhere in the world

$6000 (plus GST)

B. Founder/CEO/Executive Retreat

This is a two day off-site retreat for founders who are at the nexus of “What is next?” “Something needs to change.”

During this time we will;

*have profoundly truthful conversations that will enable the deep longing you have sensed to be brought to the surface

*create clarity of mind, heart and soul about what is next, and why this matters more than anything

*co-design the strategy for proceeding and staying aligned and coherent

*create space from the overwhelm

*get some fresh air and exercise

*enjoy excellent food and rest

Longing is the powerhouse of our being. It never breaks the unbreakable.

Investment for the two days, not including travel, accomodation and food/drinks, $15,000 (plus GST)

C. One year consulting for you and your enterprise as you transform towards a social enterprise – with a committed social covenant and a self managed, deliberately develomental structure. Limited to three clients at any one time. Price varies with scope.

D. Enterprise Architecture Launchpad Intensive – a four day intensive with your team to create the enterprise architecture, business model and strategy to enable your enterprise to lead the future. $30,000 (plus GST)


**One-on-one coaching packages are available by application.

If you are ready to be the change,

*excludes GST for Australian citizens. For Canadian, Australian and US citizens the quote is in your currency. For UK and Euro the quote is $US. Payment plans are available once your application is approved and by agreement. No refunds are available after the initial session. All fee’s are payable in advance. 


"We have a Big Dream about agriculture – Christine has always seen our dream in bigger and bolder ways that we had envisioned. She has held the space for us as we have grown and learned and continue to do so."

Nikki Thompson

Founder, Soil2Soul

"Christine stands out for delivering real behaviour change in an industry noted for it's focus on intangible measures. As a demonstration of her value, at the end of the company sponsored program, a number of the participants chose to keep working with Christine and to pay for doing so from their own pockets. It is worth reflecting on how many times you have actually seen that happen."

Mark Tod

National Sales Manager, Stramit

"Working with Christine? Discovering that the thing on your back that wouldn’t go away was actually a pair of wings. You get the flight manual too!"

Cindy Forde

CEO, Founder,


Solving our home planets probems through new models of enterprise design, leadership and provisioning.

© 2019 Christine McDougall

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