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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for not for profit or for profit or both?

The Masterclass is designed for all enterprise types. Ideally we get a diverse mix in each Masterclass, which enables a higher degree of co-learning.

Can I bring my team?

Absolutely. This is the best way to experience the Masterclass. We have special rates for teams of three or more. Please ask.

Do I have to have a business, or simply an idea for one?

If you have an idea and you know it matters more than anything to you to bring it alive, then yes, this is for you.

I can only attend one day?

If you can only attend Day One we can make exceptions. It will not be possible to attend Day Two without attending Day One.

Do you offer scholarships?

If the price is an issue for you please contact us and we will discuss dignified options that value all parties and make it easy for you to attend.

We are a well established business. Is this relevant to us?

If you want to (1) deeply connect to why you created the business in the first place (2) evolve your business to a higher level that does ensure a word with a future (3) be a map maker for others seeking to create enterprises for a word with a future (4) know that you and your enterprise can lead change. Then YES.

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