A Masterclass in building enterprises for a world with a future.


September 2019 | London, UK

August 20th and 21st, 2019 | Gold Coast, Australia


Facilitated by Dr. Christine McDougall

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Working with people like you creating enterprises for a world with a future.

Business-as-usual is not the solution to our complex challenges.

If you are seeking to solve complex problems through your enterprise including the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, then you are going to need NEW MODELS.

Even if you are working on local challenges that are connected to global systems, like domestic violence, managing waste, the circular economy, affordable housing, clean energy or alternate finance, you are not going to create lasting solutions by overlaying the very models that created the problem in the first place.

We will not be re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. We are going to build new boats that make the existing business-as-usual obsolete.

Is this for you?

If you are wanting to create a new enterprise or forward an existing enterprise that holds Integrity as the ground, and brings to life products and services that support the increased well being for all, consider this Masterclass.

The Masterclass is designed for both for profit and not for profit enterprises that are committed to Integrity in ALL domains, and who hold the view that the future of enterprise is ALL human and Earth thriving.

You know we need to do things differently, you know capitalism is broken, our governance systems and enterprise design needs to be become more human centred, more able to respond elegantly to massive change. You want to be a steward leader building enterprises that become models for the future.


“Probably the single greatest experience of my entire life. ”

One of the most important events I’ve ever attended. Christine is uniquely capable of soaring between history’s greatest minds, then helping the entrepreneurs deep dive into applying this to the chaos of modern business.”  Murray Galbraith, Co-Founder Myriad

Walk away with..

Clarify Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity

Getting deeply reconnected to the Source Idea of your enterprise and its Pattern Integrity. Get back on track if you are off track.


Enterprise design, align all resourcing, design strategy, create coherence, unlock the power of your people and enterprise


Collaboration with fellow participants, become the map-makers for the future of enterprise. Positively impact the wellbeing of Earth and all her creatures

“We already have practical connections unfolding with other participants that I cannot imagine would have occurred without this Masterclass.

This was not your usual workshop, but one that held an alchemical magic that is and will continue to transform each of us and the collective we were part of in ways that will continue to reverberate through the Cosmos.

If you truly have a passion for being part of the beautiful uprising that is looking for a New Story for humanity – in whatever way calls you forth, take this Masterclass with Christine. The future is calling you – listen and act! ” Peter and Nikki Thompson  Soil2Soul  Echo Hills Farming Company




9AM or 10AM start 

Morning Shake UP

We break down assumptions. Like the fish who cannot see water, we need to see clearly the air we have been breathing so we can no longer enable it to contaminate the Pattern Integrity of what we are creating.

Afternoon Make up

Back to basics.


A. Reconnecting with the Source Idea. The very thing that inspired you to get started. If your enterprise has a longer term history, we will go back to Source. If your enterprise is new, we will enable the Source Idea to become a clear and present identity.


B. Getting to clearly articulate the Pattern Integrity of your Source Idea. The set of values, rules, agreements, boundaries, and structures that are to remain inviolate no matter what the form of expression of your enterprise. 


C. Standing in the future when your Source Idea has come alive. How will you know? What is evident in both the world of the measurable and the intangible? How will the community in which you exist know what your Source Idea and Pattern Integrity is?


D. Craft, or begin to craft your Evolutionary Purpose, the why of everything.

 E. How do you express the Source Idea, Pattern Integrity and Evolutionary Purpose as a team? Paint it, sing it, write it, speak it, dance it….for everyone to experience. This is the creative element, where we get to embody the core animating impulse that gets us up each day with excitement.


F. What is the gap between your Source Idea, its Pattern Integrity and the Evolutionary Purpose as expressed in the future, and its current place in the world. By clearly seeing the gap the pathway forward will become evident with ease.


The day will end at 5:00PM or 6:00PM


 9:00AM or 10:00AM start

Morning Connection

What does your Source Idea need in the immediate now to enable it to flourish? This might include any or all of the following;

How does it need your team/people to co-ordinate themselves? We will look at possible models that enable various levels of self management and natural hierarchies to come alive.

The foundations for the enterprise design, governance, and human co-ordination will be created.

How do you align finance and funding methods to ensure viability. How do you provision? We are going to get very creative, as we need to break through the constraint of the story…if but for money we could do ‘x’.

How do you enable human and team development within the enterprise ongoing to ensure that your people working together create exponential results?

How do you tell the story, and to whom?

How do you measure value given and received to all stakeholders? 

What is the 100 year plan? (Or the 10, 30 or 50 year plan?)

What do you incentivise?

Who are your networks, established and requiring engagement? How are you engaging them?

If you have a partnership, what is the nature of this relationship and how is it attended to in all domains?

How do we help each other as a community?

The day will end at 5:00PM or 6:00PM (country dependent)

Afternoon Completion

Taking all of this, we create the strategy that feels clean, clear and certain. One you know you can do, even if it stretches you.

Your team them presents this to everyone, and invites clear requests for support, as well as makes aligned statements of commitment.

A Constellation of Map Makers

A global community of Map Makers creating Syntropic Enterprises for a world with a future

Designing new models that make the existing models obsolete. Enterprise design, finance, currency, technology, leadership, community, politics..


#zero exploitation #zero extraction to extinction #zero colonisation


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“Powerful knowledge that will resonate for a long time.”

“For anyone wavering about attending Dr McDougall’s masterclass… stop and consider the value of really truly understanding what the pattern integrity of your business looks like and then being able to apply the integrity of that pattern to all of your business decisions.  Powerful knowledge that will resonate for me for a long time.  Thank you Christine for sharing your insight.” Will Marcus Managing Director and Principle Architect, Argo Architects


Dr. Christine McDougall

is an internationally recognised facilitator, practitioner, teacher coach, and authority in integrative systems design, human relational design, deep wealth design and regenerative enterprises. She has held large multi-stakeholder initiatives towards a better future or all, managing diversity, complexity and various stages of human development.

As the principal of 2:23AM – She works with leaders and enterprises globally who have a commitment to being the pioneers of enterprise change. Christine has the ability to completely re-imagine business, its role in our world, and its potential for a future for all humans. She experiences a deeper level of truth than most through applying synergetics (Buckminster Fuller’s anticipatory design science), and has a way of articulating this so others can see it as well. Christine questions the most basic assumptions that drive our complex systems and can map that back to what is needed today. She is committed to the creation of one million (to start) Syntropic enterprises = enterprises that enable a higher order. By nature they evoke gravity (attraction) and coherence towards an eternally regenerative Universe.

She is the author of;

Dare to Care- Radical Truth with Compassion – a two day workshop on speaking the radical truth with compassion (The Speak the Truth ebook is available for download.)

Unplanning Obsolescence – A MASTERCLASS in building enterprise for a world with a future. 

Enterprise Architecture Masterclass- new models of enterprise design that enables self managed deliberately developmental enterprise design, steward leadership, and the alignment and coherence of all provisions – financial, human, resources.

Beauty of Beginnings – a daily short contemplation and sunrise photo

Stewardship – in the editing phase – a book and workbook for enterprise design for the future of humanity


“This has been life changing.”

‘The absolute biggest challenge prior to attending the Masterclass was how to create structure around my source idea and have the confidence to be able to follow through with effective action, and to know when I was straying off course. Having always put so much energy in the ‘how’ left me often totally overwhelmed, anxious and paralysed to move forward. Workshopping with Dr Christine McDougall and fellow attendees, helped me get to the core of my idea and to give me the structure to stay on course. I realised that we live in an abundant universe and resources to help us move forward can often be right in front of us.  It hasn’t been even 24 hours yet and a vision I had has been catapulted forward because of a fellow attendee’s collaboration! This has been life changing.’  David Cuschieri CEO Retail Design Lab


Unplanning Obsolescence Pricing

Building enterprises for a world with a future


Our goal is to enable affordable access to the Masterclass.

Our purpose is thousands of enterprises globally who demonstrate integrity in all domains.



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Frequently asked questions

Is this for not-for-profit or for-profit or both?

The Masterclass is designed for all enterprise types. Ideally we get a diverse mix in each Masterclass, which enables a higher degree of co-learning.

Can I bring my team?

Absolutely. This is the best way to experience the Masterclass. We have special rates for teams of three or more. Please ask.

Do I have to have a business, or simply an idea for one?

If you have an idea and you know it matters more than anything for you to bring it alive, then yes, this is for you.

What is the difference between Unplanning Obsolescence and the Enterprise Architecture Masterclass

Unplanning Obsolescence is about clarity of Source Idea, Purpose, Pattern Integrity and direction.

Enterprise Architecture is about the shape and structure of that enterprise.

They are synergistic.

I can only attend one day?

If you can only attend Day One we can make exceptions. It will not be possible to attend Day Two without attending Day One.

Do you offer scholarships?

If the price is an issue for you please contact us and we will discuss dignified options that value all parties and makes it easy for you to attend.

We are a well established business. Is this relevant to us?

If you want to (1) Deeply connect to why you created the business in the first place and its Pattern Integrity (2) If off track, come back on track (3) Evolve your business to a higher level that does ensure a word with a future (4) Be a map maker for others seeking to create enterprises for a word with a future (5) Know that you and your enterprise can lead change (6) Align your team to the Source Idea and Pattern Integrity of the business towards the future of the business you want to see. Then YES.



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