1. Complete the audit

Give yourself time for this process. It is a portal process to experiencing value in multiple domains, therefore there is some unlearning required. Do not get caught in details. There is no right or wrong way to complete this.

2. Emancipate all resources, honour multiple value domains

We want to emancipate all resourcing and ensure there is an acknowldegment for value contributed and gifted in multiple domains.

3. Free up multiple forms of capital, shift to an abundance model

Not just through your product or service, but in all that you do as the enterprise Steward and in how we engage with each other.

Please take a screen shot of your answers before you hit SUBMIT just in case there are any technical issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some things live in multiple domains, does this matter?

No. You an list many things in multiple or all domains. Or you might want to choose for now which is the best domain to list. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

I am not sure what I want in return. (Or I am not feeling able to ask.)

This is normal. Many of us have a diffiult time asking for what we want. Dig deep. This is the place to really honour what you desire and want. It is a great opportunity to develop your capacity to name it. You can always amend this as time advances.

I am competing this for a business.

Wonderful. Speak for your enterprise in answering all the questions. Or, if it feels better, do both. Speak for yourself when that matters and for your enterprise.

I am unclear about what I have to bring, and how it might add value?

This is normal. The Integral Audit is a living audit, a time stamp. It will change, often daily as life unfolds. In completing this now you are making a sovereign choice of what feels right and aligned to contribute. If and when that changes notify anyone who might be affected by the change.

What if I have no extra money to bring? (Or nothing to bring from one of the other domains?)

Part if the Integral Audit is to unlearn our current model of value, which is focused in the single domain of money. If you are currently experiencing a scarcity in this domain, then please be sure you feel aligned and comfortable in what you an bring in any of the other domains.

This feels very hard.

Yes, it often does, as we are not used to deeply considering multiple domains of value. Please achknowledge the number of times in your life you feel you have brought tremendous value to a project, a community, a relationship, an enterprise, and have been discounted for your contribution. The Integral Audit is designed to not have that happen again 

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