For over twenty years, Dr. Christine McDougall has 

worked with leaders and enterprises globally who have a commitment to being the pioneers of enterprise change. Christine has the ability to completely re-imagine business, its role in our world, and its potential for a future for all humans. She experiences a deeper level of truth than most through applying synergetics (Buckminster Fuller’s anticipatory design science), and has a way of articulating this so others can see it as well.

Christine questions the most basic assumptions that drive our complex systems and can map that back to what is needed today.

She is committed to the creation of one million (to start) Syntropic enterprises = enterprises that enable a higher order. By nature they evoke gravity (attraction) and coherence towards an eternally regenerative Universe.

I am an Integrity Architect, Facilitator and Steward to Map Makers, entrepreneurs, leaders, mavericks and change makers hell bent on creating businesses that support a world that works for everyone.


You know you need to do things differently, that the models we have now are not working, but how, and at what cost, and where to start on making the change you most want to see?


You want to create an enterprise that considers the whole, is regenerative by design, treats all stakeholders with dignity and respect, is profitable in ALL domains, and considers the 100 year plan.


Ambitious? Sure. But if not you, then who?


My Path To Here

R. Buckminster Fuller has been my main mentor since my mid twenties. As an ongoing student of his work I speak systems, design and the geometry of relationships and integrity with fluency.

I was one of the global founders of the Coaching Profession in the 90’s. I was the first non USA Board member of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation (ICF) holding this role for five years, in the final year as Vice President. I was the founding President of the Australasian ICF, setting up the Chapter system in Australia and around the world.

I have worked within the corporate, leadership, startup and future of business space with 100% focus since 1998 – in the early days as a coach, then evolving to create and lead businesses, partner with teams worldwide and mentor leaders who are creating a whole new kind of world.

In 2013 I pitched Sir Richard Branson an idea around his book, Screw Business as Usual.

This pitch led to the creation of a world class event, Big Blue Sky, in 2015 and 2016, in my local city, to convene multi sectorial members of the community, plus a few provocateurs from around the world, to co-create solutions for the future of our city.

In 2020 the next version of this will be brought to life.


 Guiding Principles and Behaviours

*All of my work starts with Integrity. Easy word to say, hard to live by, even harder to build a life and enterprise with integrity as the foundation. To be able to go to sleep each night knowing that you have lived the highest expression of your integrity…this is to have a good sleep.

*I build models. I help others build models. I like to co-build models most of all. “Argue with the model,” said Bucky. I am most passionate about building new models that make the old obsolete. I have built models of organisational design that enable people to thrive as they co-create world changing projects together, without human upset and entirely self managed. Read an example of this in The Trust Manifesto for Big Blue Sky. The result of 30 years of model building. It works. Or my article on relational synergistic design.

*I am constantly on the edge of the future, a frontiers person scanning the horizon for the emergent..I make sense of complexity…and as such I offer so much value to you by being able to see far beyond the now, the urgent, and the distracting.

*I know synergy. As an act. That alone my effectiveness is limited. Working in synergy my contribution has the potential to be exponential, able to co-create impossible things with you. The solo journey of the leader/founder/CEO doesn’t have to be a path you take. Indeed, it is the hardest road.

*I have been in the Blockchain conversation since 2012. As a systems thinker and designer of models that are human centred and considerate of their short and long term consequences, I am able to work with the geeks and nerds to co-create technology that is deeply considerate of humans and our future wellbeing. I am on the governance board of to create a Universal Basic Income within a global virtual community using blockchain and complimentary currency.

*I am fluent in complimentary currency, accounting for value in multiple domains. How do we take an unmet need and marry it with an unused resource, and do this in a way that liberates humans, while moving towards all human thriving? Let us NOT reduce a shared sunrise to a transaction able to be commoditised. I have studied the global economy and monetary systems since 2006 and I am active in the exploration of new economic and monetary systems that enable us to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

*I know strategy, alignment and how to ask the hard questions that most people deliberately seek to ignore.

*I have facilitated groups and teams – through complexity, to develop strategy, to bring back coherence when there is misalignment. I have skills working multi-sectorially – with three levels of government, private sector executive, community, business, education, science, arts…to bring people together to co-work on stuff that matters.

*I am in love with the idea of Beautiful Business. When beauty is present, in all domains, then integrity is as well. Working with leaders to evolve their ability and skill to become leader stewards of business that serve all humanity is a passion of mine.

The greatest exponential technology is thoughtfully designed human relationships

For the history and all the other associated material, see my linkedin profile.

For an article on my work, written by a journalist friend who was a foreign correspondent and one of the most highly regarded Middle East journalists, the go to journalist for Yasser Arafat, see this link.


I have been a single mother of a now 28 year old since she was two. Self employed since age 24…a raging entrepreneur to boot… and a very dedicated athlete, 7 days a week, 360 days of the year, 23 years…and still going.


I take sunrise beach photos…because beauty gets me every the time. And the ocean is my spiritual home. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram. (and on this blog)


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**The video below was an interview recorded on October 16th 2018 at Somerset College Celebration of Entrepreneurs where I facilitated a two hour global financial challenge with 250 students from Year 11. The team behind the video is Beach City. They bring the the worlds startup ecosystem together through storytelling.

Questions to consider from this webinar featured above

What are we scaling?

How do we build natural hierarchies?

How do we design tension into the enterprise…maximum freedom of the parts and maximum coherence of the whole?

What are we measuring?

How can we ensure that we don’t extract more than we replenish?

How do we implement all-in accounting?

What should we tax? What are the things we put a price on?

How do we relearn how to think? Not tell people what to think.

What is are possible new models of governance?

How do we become successful steward leaders?


Books & Publications

I have published two ebooks plus have been featured in Kosmos magazine and the International Journal of Coaching in Organisations.

Communications skills

Speak the Truth

How to speak with truth with compassion. A 7 step process.

Business design

Beautiful Business

The critical elements of the business of the future, agile, resilient, self managed, deliberately developmental.


Foundations of Personal Integrity

A simple assessment tool to ensure you are maintaining high standards of integrity across domains such as health, finance, wellbeing, relationships.


Solving our home planets probems through new models of enterprise design, leadership and provisioning.

© 2019 Christine McDougall

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