This is a special invitation I’m extending to those who know that our current systems are broken and that we need to lead the change.

You want to become a steward leader of an enterprise that is built around a natural hierarchy and is mostly self managed and developmental by design.


Consider the following experiences from previous clients:

Manifesting Soil2Soul under the stewardship of Christine McDougall

As one of the Soil2Soul team,  I so deeply relish the day we met Christine McDougall and the unfolding journey that has resulted. We have a Big Dream about agriculture – a disruptive model that wishes to honour the land, the people who work intimately with her and the variety of commodities that interaction can produce. To be a regenerative participant with Mother Nature.

Christine’s presence and skilful facilitation helped us lift the lid on those still hidden issues and I truly sense Soil2Soul is now is a place where real transformation and cocreation can occur. Nikki Thompson, Soil2Soul

What a remarkable being. I’m enchanted with the relevance and elegance of the practice she has created for herself — for the world.

The leaders she coaches and the nature of the working relationship she develops with those leaders feels both wonderfully original and also ‘spot on’ to me. She is doing patient, industrial-grade ‘chrysalis work’ with a particularly pivotal population of leaders.

I love it when ‘game-ready infinite players’ fully evolve the work that is theirs to do, and then develop that work to the level of mastery. Bill Veltrop



If this feels like something you’d want (or you know someone who could benefit)

This is not for everyone. Many people do not know about the problems our corporations and enterprises are creating even though they are at the effect.

Some people do not care.

Some people care but do not want to act or know how to act and at what cost in the short term, which is understandable, as it is risky, there are no maps, and being a pioneer is not for everyone.

And then there is you. You care and it is time to act and you know it in your bones.



Unlocking the power of enterprise and becoming a steward leader is a path that lies at the frontier.


There are few maps. Not many who have navigated this path.


We are the pioneers.


It matters to have the right kind of support.

…  if you’re  committed to this type of enterprise, if you are someone who seeks to become a steward leader towards a world that works for everyone,



Solving our home planets probems through new models of enterprise design, leadership and provisioning.

© 2019 Christine McDougall

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