The Integrity of Shape

Beauty is integrity, and integrity is beautiful.

For something to be in integrity it needs to hold its shape.

When an idea is gifted to us to steward to life, there is a shape required for its healthy existence. The idea itself has its unique Pattern Integrity already present. Our ideas Pattern Integrity, like DNA, has intrinsic values, expressions of behaviour, capabilities and limitations.

To create the shape we need clarity of simple elements.

The Evolutionary Purpose that elevates self and others, the seed/Source Idea that is the energy event of animation and activity, and the provisions to foster thriving. 

Provisions include support from people, matter and energy of materials for supply, and currency that enables flow and exchange.

As the steward, we need to be intimately aware of the inside and outside conditions of the shape we are building. The context into which our idea is birthed, both at the immediate level of community, and further into the field of change. 

We also need to be aware of where our idea arrives in the flow of time. How the past and the future might affect its present. Too soon, too late, just right…

When we align the elements we become mindful of flow and stagnation. Does this currency shift the balance of power, or does it align the Evolutionary Purpose of the idea? 

Is the flow too fast, too slow, or pooled and congealing? This applies to all levels of provision, including people.

How do we create an intimate relationship with kairos time…right time?

To steward an idea to life is a profound communion with all of these elements. If we find ourselves crazily incoherently busy, our capacity to listen for flow, beauty and integrity is squeezed into distortion.

When we are gifted with birthing a Source Idea that holds great responsibility towards humanities future the need for communion is as important as breathing.

This is the future of enterprise design, human co-ordination, and creating a world with a future.

PS. The Enterprise Architecture Masterclass supports you to architect the shape of your enterprise in integrity. May 28/29th Gold Coast.

The Unplanning Obsolescence Masterclass is around a deep communion with your Source Idea, its Pattern Integrity and your Evolutionary Purpose. This creates the vector of power. July 16/17th Gold Coast

Photo taken May 20th, 2019

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About Dr Christine McDougall


Christine is an internationally recognised facilitator, practitioner, teacher coach, and authority in integrative systems design, human relational design, deep wealth design and regenerative enterprises. She has held large multi-stakeholder initiatives towards a better future or all, managing diversity, complexity and various stages of human development.

As the principal of 2:23AM – She works with leaders and enterprises globally who have a commitment to being the pioneers of enterprise change, where consideration of both the short term profitability and the long term costs/effects are added to the balance sheet on day one, raising the question of how else might we be successful without robbing from our children’s future.

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