A transformation, to transform. An alchemical process.

The process is never easy. In distinction to an adjustment, or a rearrangement, metamorphosis occurs to the entire organism, leaving no part untouched.

The caterpillar to the butterfly, the babe in utero to the child born. Living to dead. Dark to light.

There comes a time when we might need to leave every part of what we knew behind and transform towards a different expression.

The process begins with a call, or a push. There is grief, loss and confusion.

Followed by a gestation, a holding, a requisite stillness. This step must be honoured. The waiting requires attunement towards knowing when to commence the final stage. During gestation be aware of frustration, doubt, a desire to control. All in right time.

The liminal space is doing the work on us.

Finally we come to emergence. The threshold crossing into the metamorphosed form. Scary, intimidating, exciting.

Respect the process. Its time line is not ours to control. Hours, days, weeks, months, decades.

Photo Taken January 9th, 2019

Podcast for the week, Peter Thompson, Fifth Generation Farmer and exemplary steward of the land. “If you look after nature nature will look after you.”

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