From zero to one million

Change is usually drop by drop, bit by bit. The wind erodes the rock. Lines and gravity have their way with our face. We agree to monopolise media into the hands of one man over the course 40 years. Little atrocities over time become heinous crimes.

Rarely is there a monumental leap. Where we go from zero to one million.

Monumental leaps come off the back of years, decades, centuries, millennia of preparation.

The sudden fame after twenty years of apprenticeship.

A renaissance built off the back of extreme oppression.

Young voices crying out at the insanity of gun rights in the USA after seeing their friends slaughtered, and being witness to news over their lives about children being massacred in schools.

Sometimes it is we who are asked to go from zero to one million. To come out from behind ourselves and step into the field that calls our name.

We will fumble. Yet we will also have the tools and support. It is the way of things. When the time is now we are ready, whether we know it or believe it.

Photo Taken January 13th, 2019

Podcast for the week, Peter Thompson, Fifth Generation Farmer and exemplary steward of the land. “If you look after nature nature will look after you.”

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