Happy for no reason.

Is the precise reason to be happy.

It is found right here. In the moment. Even when it feels like a conspiracy of forces are seeking to bring you to your knees.

Turn left, or right, away from the maelstrom. Take off your shoes. Walk for a moment in the dirt. Tilt your head towards the sky. Let the breeze or gale touch you. Let the light pierce your eye.

Whatever the worry, the penalty, the troubles that eat at your being like an invisible gangrene, seek a distraction found in beauty, or the random.

Watch a child chase a feather, giggling, her life before her irrelevant. The capture of the feather her world.

Happiness is not out there somewhere. It is the act of turning towards the insane, completely irrational, always surprising great mystery of life.


Photo taken December 9th 2018

Podcast for this week, Phillip Ullmann, Chair of the second largest recruitment company in the UK, and committed to a path of Social Enterprise. “We are all stakeholders in the future of the planet and the future of humanity.”

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