Committed to the path of love.

We have to know the parts of us that are dark. The places we can lash out. Judge. Be cruel. Deny.

We might first see where we do that to ourselves. We might know our own violence. We might see how we project hate towards our bodies, our actions, our sense of brokenness.

Unity is plural, at minimum two. For integrity we need the light and the dark. The positive and negative charge. The up and down.

When we deny our capacity for darkness, darkness will express itself.

When we fail in our ability to empathise, to see our fellow humans who might be swallowed in darkness as lost and trying to find the light, we fail in our commitment to love.

“Love is omni-inclusive, progressively exquisite, understanding and compassionately attuned to other than self.” Buckminster Fuller

Love is metaphysical gravity. It is the glue that holds the light and the dark in coherence. It exists in relationship. Relationship to self, to others, to Earth, to Universe.

One extra photon of love tips the balance out of darkness.

Be the photon.



Photo taken December 2nd 2018

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