If you are not creating a ruckus, then your creation may be too safe.

Most of us want to please someone, some of us try to please everyone. Pleasing everyone is a path of ordinary and average. If the goal is pleasing then the path is extreme safety.

Beautiful art appeals to those who are seeking an experience that is not found in the day to day.

In a world where political correctness is a disease, and polarisation is reaching a blow apart stage, our art needs to speak to a clearly defined audience who choose wholeheartedly to be recipients of our work.

Take off your mask, find your true voice, speak, write, create from that space. Know that the trolls will come out to play no matter what, with an aim to satiate some warped sense of self through getting you to respond. Do not respond. Instead, focus on engagement with those who seek your art.

Thank you for being here reading my art. This project started 362 days ago, January 1st. While the aim was to write a daily blog for 365 days, I have decided to keep it going. It is a joy to write, and a pleasure to engage with you. I love hearing from you by the way. Drop me a note and say hello.

Photo taken December 28th 2018

Podcast for the week, Dr Mark Goulston, You can’t be furious and curious at the same time. World recognises expert on Suicide prevention, author of several best selling books.

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For over twenty years, Dr. Christine McDougall has been the go-to confidant for hundreds of intensely driven, successful businessmen, providing them with a safe private space and incisive facilitation that allows them to overcome inner obstacles and accelerate their growth, away from a world that often punishes them for showing any kind of vulnerability or perceived weakness. They see the future of enterprise as self managed and developmental, with a committed transparent social covenant. Their own leadership development is a non negotiable part of their company vision.

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