Solve for Happiness

What makes you happy?

As we move into the transition time of a new year, reflecting and recording what makes us happy is an act that in the doing creates happiness.

In the podcast with Mark Rowland he talked about his purpose being how many happiness minutes he could live each day and how many happiness minutes he could create in the lives of those he interacted with.

It is such a simple goal.

For 2019 I am choosing the simple goal of creating and living happiness. And to start I will be keeping a journal of what makes me happy.

Walking on the beach at dawn, writing this blog, the sounds of my little dog sleeping, sharing time with my daughter, my morning coffee, sand between my toes, the touch of sun on my skin, long and intimate conversations with people, supporting others towards their own happiness and success, hard squad swimming, running, staying healthy, sleeping, the liminal space between sleeping and waking, getting lost in a good book or film, this time of year, eating mangos…

I would love to hear what makes you happy. That would make me happy.

And if you are inspired perhaps join me in 2019 and beyond in the happiness contagion.

Photo taken December 26th 2018

Podcast for the week, Dr Mark Goulston, You can’t be furious and curious at the same time. World recognises expert on Suicide prevention, author of several best selling books.

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