After the storm

Trees are uprooted, the ocean wild. Manicured lawns littered with leaves and branches.

From nowhere she came, in all her wild fury, darkening the sky before topsy turvying the world.

And then she was gone. Leaving behind her destruction. The awe of her undoing now for us to clean up.

Nature once again stamps her foot at humanities hubris. No matter our brilliance, our technology, our rapacious greed, our thousands of years of attempt at dominion, a five minute gust of wind, a 30 second yawn from the depths of the Earth, an engulfing fire, and we are brought to our knees.

Nature doesn’t seek dominion, she longs for partnership. For all of Earths creatures to be reverent to the entirety of life, to Earth, to our atmosphere and oceans, to each other.

Imagine if we began with that? With reverence and gratitude for the Earth that bares us, nourishes us, feeds our soul? With respect for all creatures, including each other?

Idealist, naive? I think not. That is a moonshot worthy of humanities undivided attention.

Photo taken July 28th 2017

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