Break us out of the linear, rational, explainable Universe.

A long time ago as I was studying human anatomy, spending hours in the lab, I could not help but ask how it was possible that the animating force of this magnificent and complex human vessel died when the vessel died.

How anyone could think for even a moment that consciousness lived within the confines of the skull.

How anyone today could imagine that we might upload our brains to a computer, as if this, our brains, makes us Us.

We are vaster than the limits of our body. The territories of consciousness are frontiers at least as large as the Universe.

There is something about watching a sunrise or sunset, gazing at the Ocean, or mountains, that remind us of this. A sunrise always draws a crowd, calling us to a deeper knowing.

Our vessel, our bodies, have the ability to be like a radio, with the capacity to tune into frequencies – some filled with static, others clear and coherent as a perfectly played Mozart concerto.

We might begin to pay attention. Exquisite attention, to the hum below the white noise of our current life. We might tune into the channels and frequencies of dreams, of the liminal spaces.

Here is our classroom. The frontiers. Enter as a humble student with the beginners mind.

The Universe flows with ecstasy at our feet.



Photo taken November 29th 2018

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