Who gets to move who? Though inspiration, action, fear or domination.

Do we move ourselves? Do we stand in a field of our own certainty and clarity? And if not, how do we go about finding that centre?

Our ability to access our own power and to determine how we might respond to the power of others is a constant conversation with the nature of power. It is reflected in the simple ‘know thyself,’ which takes a lifetime or two.

Under-using our power is just as much a misuse of power as abusing our power.

In a world of power crazed dominators, coming off centuries of dominators, we are learning to access our own power. To find that steady place where it is strong and coherent. No need to dominate. No need to impose.

But unwilling to supplicate. To be diminished. To dull our light.

Find your power place. Keep it attended to. Stay in tune with the nature of your power.


Photo taken November 28th 2018

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