Sometimes our light is shrouded and obscured, as the sun’s light was this morning by a dust storm from the South.

We might find ourselves hiding behind pain and confusion, or thrown into the unfamiliar where the ground feels rocky.

We might have retreated. Hurt. To lick our wounds. Closing curtains and doors, hiding under covers of safety.

Or, we might have retreated into our selves. Silent and withdrawn in a crowd. Present but a long long way away.

Human’s have a choice. We can turn our light on at will, no matter what the circumstances.

This is the lesson of experience and wisdom. To see when we contract, retreat, introvert. When a sadness takes over our being bringing our vibrant spirit to its knees.

To know that the feelings are not ours, that they too will pass. That our light, our essential light, is our gift.

When we withhold our light from the world, we withhold it from ourselves.

Shine. Shine softly. Shine boldly. Shine against the naysayers and trolls. Shine as if your life depends upon it.

Shine for how it makes you feel. It is a simple gift.

In our light we are the Universe.



Photo taken November 23rd 2018

Podcast for this week, Brad Dunne, Being a man is secondary to being a human being.

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