Beauty as the Unifier

In a fractured world where Powers aim is to keep people conquered by keeping them divided, we the people need to find the unifying story.

The story that lifts us from our self interest.

We cannot look to the powers above to do that, be they our leaders or politicians.

We must weave a Unifying story that inspires us to leave behind the petty wars of division built on trivial elements like pigmentation, gender, culture.

Beauty unifies. Art unifies. Love, kindness, generosity…unifies.

What is a story we want written than enables beauty and humanities wellbeing to be the central thesis?

What is the more beautiful story that our heart knows is possible?

Dare we begin to write that story while the elite insist on poisoning our wells with division and distraction…the oldest ploy in the book of conquering?

Care to join me?

PS. I will be delivering a webinar next week, November 6th USA, 7th Aus, open to the public, convened by on this topic. It is free. If you care to read more about this, and sign up, you can do so here.


Photo taken November 1st 2018

Podcast for this week, Mark Eckhardt – Masculinity as “The ability to create experiences that produce love and connection”

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