The power of a unifying story greater than any one person

Enables us as individuals to put aside our differences

And work towards the greater whole.

We have lost that story. We have accepted the reduction of people, Earth and life into commodities, making the story easier to tell of the need for exploitation, marginalisation and neglect.

What are we creating together humans?

What is the more beautiful story our heart knows is possible?

The sun tells us a different story. It speaks of abundance, constancy, warmth, generatively.

The sun fills our being with nourishing light.

Dear humans, says the sun, remember me..put aside your divisive ways built on a story of lack, fear, difference. Look to me, and know that what I give freely for eternity cannot be owned by any one, but is given to all, and if you but seek to receive from me my abundance of energy and light, the garden of Eden is possible for Earth and humanity.

Together you can choose this future.


Photo taken October 28th 2018

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