An ode of gratitude to the change makers, fringe dwellers, pioneers, mavericks, those who go first.

The true disruptors, those who are changing incumbent and entrenched systems, will be misunderstood. Often threatened. Sometimes with the highest of high prices.

Yet they do it anyway.

Many times their acts are not fully seen. For to start, to lead change, way ahead of the crowd, is to begin to build a path for others to follow. And that path built will become smoother to travel with each person taking the next step.

Yet the pioneer, the original path builder, will be long gone and working on forging other distant and different paths.

This is the way.

There are many pioneers taking bold action all around us. If you see one, thank them.

If you are one, stay true. If you can find other pioneers for moral support.

The path of the pioneer, the unwalked path, is a calling. To not walk it is deny the Essense of being.


Photo taken October 26th 2017

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