Off centre

To be off centre is to not know the ground that holds you.

Lost for words, thoughts frozen.

Normal out the window.

Our lizard human might strike out. Or break down. Hide. Pull up the covers and attempt to disappear.

Breath. Plant your feet firmly. Breath again. Bring your thoughts back to centre.

Create a space between the incident and your response.

To feed the incident with the same energy from which it was created is only to fuel flames.

Return from love, or compassion, or curiosity.

Yesterday in a public forum I was knocked right off centre. The incident was so far from the possibility of my imagination that the only response I had was to say I could not respond in this forum.

What I know for sure is that we have so much work to do to heal the world of fear, difference and separation. To respond with anger, fear and separation is to be the problem.

Photo taken October 17th 2018

Podcast for this week, Richard Hames – momentous leaps, pluriversal education and the nuances of male strength

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