When words become redundant.

Language becomes a transmission. From my heart to yours.

Fidelity in communication is when what I express is what you receive, without any decay in meaning.

To communicate from this level requires clarity of the message and an unobstructed flow of the signal to the receiver.

The channel of delivery needs to be clear. The ability for the receiver to receive the full meaning of the message needs to be present.

A parent delivers to a child.”I love you,” in words or a gaze. The child, before language, receives.

The responsibility of the sender of the message is to be sure of the conditions of receipt. The message clarity, the channel clarity and the receivers capability and capacity to receive.

True fidelity of communication is rare, and our days are filled with time spent in the dissonance between a message sent and received.

*For a powerful process to clear up dissonance in communication see A Conversation for Understanding

Photo taken September 9th 2018


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