Slow down.

In a world addicted to fast, what needs to slow down?

Water needs to slow down when it lands on a damaged Earth. Otherwise it cannot sink deep.

We need to slow down big decisions to ensure alignment and coherence.

Perhaps the process of answering questions needs to slow down. We are missing a perspective, a vital piece of information that would change everything.

Slowing down the beginning and end of our days – allowing reflection, planning, wisdom to be present – creates a field of spaciousness that nourishes.

The design process of our future tech would benefit from slowing down.

Slowing down our eating, our connections to our fellow humans. Our heart rate…

If we look at our Earth, at how we have developed it, stripped it of its ability to slow down water, we see ourselves reflected. Over developed, utilitarian, hard edges. Water cannot pause long enough to seep in. To replenish deep. To hold itself in store for times of lack.

Desiccated humans. Dying of thirst for intimacy, space, time and reflection.

Perhaps to speed up we need to slow down?


Photo taken September 7th 2018


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