Witnesses to our imperfections and our glories. Threatened by neither.

Sees right past our petty selves.

Asks us to be more whole than we usually ask of ourselves, yet at the same time they do not judge us for when we fail to step up.

Wipes the snot from our nose when we are broken, dances with us when we soar.

In their constancy of seeing us for our truth, will not leave the room when we attempt to evict them.

Crafted over years friendship is precious. Never to be taken for granted. Seeking cultivation as one would the most rarest of plants.

Perhaps today be a friend to yourself. Treat yourself as the beloved friend. Buy flowers, make a nice meal. Look in the mirror with love.


Photo Taken March 11th 2018

*Beauty¬†is best when shared…so feel free to give the gift of beauty to a¬†friend by forwarding. Thank you xx

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