To yield.

As a single career oriented women I have way too much driving energy. I am a force field in my own right.

This of course leaves a wake. Some damage, some sweetness.

And it is exhausting to maintain.

At several points in my life I have found myself at logger heads with another dominant male. I put myself in the category of male deliberately.

Because that is how I showed up. And as such, this is a win lose game. Someone wins, someone loses. It is this way in Universe. Two positive or two negative charges…reject each other.

In the more recent of these episodes I became so exhausted that I chose instead to yield. To bring the softness of yielding to the dynamic. Remarkably this worked!

To be clear, this is not to give up. It is a form of surrender which in its own energetic, is exquisite.

Surrender is not defeat. To be defeated is to be broken.

Surrender is to become soft, allowing, flexible, flowing.

Metaphorically it is best likened to a change from push/push back, to push/shall we dance.

I am super tired of the push/push back. Of the dog eats dog. Of the competition and winner takes all.

I want to dance.

To do this I need to yield. Like the magnificent Tango, where there is a divine harmony between the yin and yang, the upright proud and the flowing soft. Sexy as all hell.

Tango anyone?

Photo by Isaiah McClean on Unsplash

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