People talk about the power of habits.

Perhaps a reframe might be worth considering?

For any relationship to succeed, there needs to be a structure, a geometry. What are the boundaries, rules, agreements? Why are we in relationship? What is the power dynamic or differential?

For us to succeed in our relationship to self, we need a structure that holds our relationship.

This might be a habit. Or it might be a set of agreements.

At the least, when we create structure that supports our ongoing aliveness and wellbeing, we are simultaneously saying that we love and care for self.

To do this as a first step, as the first priority, is a beautiful act of self love.

It has taken me years to build my structure. It is constantly under refinement.

Yet its core elements remain inviolate, and its purpose is to enable me to show up as whole and present as possible. It has become my earth, my anchor, my ground, and often, my sanity.

Today, one week after the new year, explore the structures of your life. Are they serving or hindering?

Photo taken 8th April, 2014

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