Imagine that everything that we think, as well as everything we say and do, has a consequence in the field in which we stand/live/breath.

A consequence not just on your life, but of all the people who live and breath and inhabit your field. And not just your field, but the larger field that we call Earth.

Or, to reframe. Imagine that in your home you fill it with poison, that you do not remove any of your waste, be that biological or material. You live in it. And it accumulates.

We get to choose, every moment, of every day, if we are going to pollute or enliven.

This doesn’t mean we become doormats to those who seek to exploit. It doesn’t mean that we do not have healthy anger, which is simply a passionate state of care. (In distinction to anger projected to demean and damage.)

I have been considering this topic of how I pollute. Am I contributing to the world of nasty, or the world of love? Am I a reflection of my own toxic cesspool or my own bounty of beauty?

To wake up as humans we first must witness the inner dialogue and endless attack we propagate within ourselves. If our thoughts and self judgments are aimed to attack and destroy our host, then what hope do we have of bringing any form of healthy ecosystem to the world?

If our actions in how we build our business is to enable more pollution, to ennoble the industries that thrive on extraction, monopolisation, modern slavery (minimum wages workers with little to no benefits) and unconsidered long term consequences, then we are to be held to account.

We get to choose. Be the propagation of pollution and toxicity, even at the most subtle level, or be the propagation of love, life, joy, peace, and friendliness?

And in the process, be love and compassion towards our host, the amazing vessel that is our body/mind/spirit/life.

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