Seduction is the currency of our time. Clever campaigns invite us to believe that we are lesser humans for not having the hottest, newest “X”.

Seduction is the constant barrage of images. Skinny, young, perfect. Selfies.

Its the data mined construction of words and messages. The Cambridge Analytica, where unless we are super aware, we will be seduced.

To be seduced is to move towards something that is a shallow representation of our true desires. And in the process to give up our sovereignty to the seducer.

Seduction is a power game. With winners and losers.

To be seduced is to be lost to ourselves.

Courtship is a dance of relationship. In its origins of etymology a court was an enclosed yard around a palace.

There are no losers. The palace/central space is the sacred – what happens as a consequence of the dynamic of the relationship around which we court. Within our courting we remain sovereign, for it is towards the third, the central, that we come into relationship with each other.

Courtship evokes time and a process of knowing the courted.

Shall we dance?

Photo credit: Tim Gouw

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