When we allow beauty to be fully present, we are transformed. It really is that simple.

Beauty is natures way of saying yes to divine order in chaos. To a harmony and frequency that transcends our comprehension.

We humans try to reduce things to the explainable. To scientific sequence. We rationalise. Measure. Seek to make sense of.

But beauty outfoxes us always. To contemplate beauty is to invite the mysterious, the unexplainable, the wildly irrational.

Beauty reduces us to a messy heap of humility. Beauty invites wonder. Awe. Gratitude.

Beauty allows us to look up, and down, and out and in…at something far greater than a mere “I”.

When we defy beauty in our design of spaces and places and businesses, we violate the throb of energy that connects us all. We separate ourselves from a law that is inviolate.

Nature knows only beauty.

The invitation is to build beauty into life. To invite beauty into business. To have beauty form the basis of our relationships. To take time each day to be present to beauty.

To be transformed, renewed, restored, through beauty.

Beautiful business, beautiful cities, beautiful life.

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