How easy is it to live life under a veil of cultural entrainment. How hard sometimes to wake up.

My protestant Aussie childhood insisted that desire was wrong. To desire…. Anything…

Then the world of stuff insisted that desire was right. To desire the fast sexy car, the big house, the fabulous bank account.

It seemed easy to desire these objects. To lust after things, titles, status, fame.

But what of Desire as Source…what of desire as the call from our Soul to move towards our truth?

When I started to explore this form of desire, I found I had lost my map. My real desire, below all the noise of false wanting…was so difficult to access…buried under years and years of superficial false drop below the noise of expectations of my own on me and others on me…of society on me..and culture on me….that we should have this and that, do this and that…be this and that, and connect with what I truly desired that would serve the highest of me…

And bumping right up against the puritanical upbringing that says NO…this is selfish…narcissistic…you cannot under any circumstances consider what you might truly want. For you. This is a is wrong. Sacrifice all your desires as false gods.

…discovering that I am not alone in this. That almost everyone I meet is either lurching around from whim to whim, addiction to addiction, lust to lust…or sacrificing themselves on some BS story that they cannot have their deepest desire met…

We have disconnected from our deepest desires. From the call of our Soul to unfold itself and step in her total magnificence into the world that we can help shape simply by being our truest whole selves.

Our Desires…accessed down below the petty noise of lust and whims…is the map. It is the way home to a life lived.

A Desire might be simply to be free of a debilitating pattern, to end a dysfunctional relationship, to find a new career that enables your best self to come alive…it can be for more peace and spaciousness…or to work with amazing people doing great things. It can be to start a business, run a marathon, find a mate. Desire in its purity has enormous power. Even if it is only a spark.

Desire will not burn out…it will lie dormant, patient, for years and years…whispering to us at 2:23AM..tugging at our dreams, invading our reflection time.

Listen, listen…can you hear your desire call? She murmurs, persistently, quietly, lovingly…notice me..I am here. She is not the voice of LOUD, or demanding..she speaks with a quiet certainty, absent of all ego. She does not throw tantrums, demand special treatment, insist on the spotlight, seek the fame..this is not desire. She will not harm..though she might ask you to get uncomfortable…

Honouring our desires is honouring ourselves.

It takes practice to find the path to the True. Not this, not that…but this…yes…this is what I desire…this nourishes every single cell of my being, filling me with enoughness.

Desire from Source is a call home to ourselves.

*this piece inspired by the work of my fabulous teacher and mentor, Hiro Boga

**photo credit, me…taken May 10th 2016, Surfers Paradise Beach.  David Martin welcoming the sun.

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