Two approaches


Yesterday I saw myself in less than favourable colours. I attended an event and I walked in with preconceived judgement that was sourced from some field of my old default pattern of superiority. “I know better.” This approach shut down a whole world of possibility. I squeezed myself into a narrow field of righteousness. And criticism. Exactly the way I had been complaining about how others have been showing up in my life of late. It was ugly and I am not proud of myself. (Hint, what we complain about might well be the behaviour we are manifesting. Ouch! In my case, oh too true.)


Gratitude and Generosity. Walking into a space from a place of gratitude…I am here, I have been invited, people have worked hard to pull this together, other people care to be here. I might not agree with the what, how or even the who, however I am grateful to be asked. And I might have some value to offer. Even if that value is to offer ways forward that might improve the outcome. To do this from a place of generosity, grounded in gratitude.

I think about the first one. About people of some ‘celebrity’ who show up from a place of demand. The Prima Donnas. Not happy unless they get what they think they deserve, even if they do deserve it.

And I think about option two. No matter what their status of celebrity they are infinitely grateful and infinitely generous. Not door mats, not push overs. Clear with their boundaries, yet radiating abundance of spirit.

Abundance of spirit.

When we meet people coming from that place it is like a cool drink on a hot day.

No question…I want to hang with these people. I want to be these people.

That does not mean I cannot be discerning. When in the face of option one, I can remove myself without the need to be superior and righteous, or frustrated that my ‘skill and superiority’ have not been seen.

More than anything, I continue to practice being option two. Grounded effortlessly in the certainty of who I am and the value I have without the need, generated from lack, to impose my righteous superiority on anyone. To constantly be in gratitude…be generous and abundant of spirit.


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