Here in 2:23AM HQ we are busy creating an incredible space for people who care enough to take action to come together to take action. We have called it Big Blue Sky.

I had been seeking an avenue to bring my unique talents to add the best value to my local community, a place I have chosen, over all other places in the world, to live. Miles and miles of beautiful beaches, the mighty Pacific, small regional city close to a major city, amazing hinterland. One in five people self employed, the largest centre for independent small business in Australia, a recent history founded on vision, lifestyle maintenance, and entrepreneurship. 3 major Universities….really amazing people often not evident on first glance.

Big Blue Sky came into existence through a path of love. It started as my attempt to create a space to convene the many very bright people I had met on the Gold Coast who, like me, loved to call this place home, and like me, felt they had so much more to offer to the city, and like me, had a desire to contribute to the future greatness and well being of the Gold Coast.

As I write this, we are 5 weeks to the day out from this event opening at dawn, on the beach. There is what feels like a million million things to do. My emotions fluctuate between panic and Pacific calm.

One thing is so very clear. Pushing, bringing the dominant ‘go hard’ ‘hard sell’ ‘fear and scarcity’ based energy to Big Blue Sky doesn’t work.

Everything that has been right about Big Blue Sky has come about through a path of grace and ease. Of serendipity. Kairos timing. Resonance. Flow. The moment I default to panic/fear/scarcity/push.. all the doors slam shut and the world feels very small.

Not once. Every single time. It has become obvious. Flow, grace, ease, serendipity…is the operating system of Big Blue Sky.

What I know is that when you start with a very large, very clean sheet of paper…and you remove all the old patterns of organisation that we usually do not question…patterns like legal entities…a limited liability corporation, a not-for-profit…when you invest in creating a foundation that evokes a completely different dimension, then what is birthed literally carries a different frequency. (See out legal trust manifesto)

A team of complete strangers 6 months ago have worked together tirelessly for the last 6 months with total harmony, zero egoic contamination, and incredible commitment to the aspiration that we all hold for Big Blue Sky. All for no monetary gain. It humbles me every single day.

In five weeks we will see our work come alive. The right people will show up. If they number 40 or 300…then that is how many will show up. Because we as a team hold a commitment to begin. And beginning is never failure. Beginning is always the start.

We know not where this will lead. We do know that what we are creating is a very good thing. A truly remarkable thing. A very beautiful big (blue) thing.

How do we know this? Because the people we have invited to contribute to the event…from the opening song at dawn on the beach sung by incredible local talent Ella Fence, to the special guests flying from around the world, to the many local entrepreneurs, nerds, artists, artisan foodies…they are saying yes…ALL IN…because they feel the space we are holding.

It has been the greatest privilege of my life…to be part of the team to birth Big Blue Sky.

And for those of you reading this from far flung parts of the world, do not be fooled by what might look like a local initiative. Yes we will be building local projects…but these projects, the enterprise called Big Blue Sky, this is for the world to share.

My life mentor, Bucky Fuller, used to say…”don’t argue with me. Argue with the model.” We are building models to share with the world.

So come join us if this moves you…. Be part of something very beautiful….your voice matters and we very much care to hear it. One caveat…this is a day to move beyond talking and into building. Bring all your tools, your work gear, your whole body, your passion. And when the day is over, the work begins…

Photo credit: Christine McDougall, Surfers Paradise Beach, October 1st, 2015. 5 weeks out from the launch of Big Blue Sky.

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