Some time ago I was sitting with my mentor and he said that I had to get over my fear of rejection. This fear, he had observed, was what was stopping me having everything I desired.

I knew he was right.

Rejection is situational. I have no issues with being rejected in many arena’s, yet I am paralysed by fear at being rejected around my own value offering. If you have just opened a new restaurant and the food and experience is so good, I will tell all the world. If all the world choose to eat at the new restaurant or not creates no angst within me.

But to cold call, or reach out to someone offering my own value… this is hard.

Yet to ask for big money and other resources to support an event I am convening that will benefit the community… I am fearless.

We all have our rejection thresholds. Those invisible lines that we fear to cross. It is good to know where yours are. And then to practice getting rejected, over and over again, with the goal to see how many rejections you can get. And how many no’s you need until you get a yes.

What I have learned in my study of rejection is that the more we ask, the more we risk rejection, the more we see each no as another step to the yes…the faster our world expands.

That our limits to life are so influenced by our fear of being rejected.

Every NO has the possibility of expanding our Universe if we see it as another step towards a yes.

This thought inspires me. The more I am rejected, the faster I will get what I am most desiring to occur.

Game on…this week, how many rejections will you seek?

PS. Check out a great new book, written on this subject, by Jia Jiang, Rejection Proof.

Photo credit: Creative Commons License crazyaschris via Compfight

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