It is no surprise that when something matters to us we pay attention. The most remarkable part of this project of writing Beauty of Beginnings is that I now see the clouds, the sky, and light, with far more attention than ever before.

Just this morn, driving to my swimming pool, the air was heavy with humidity and heat, allowing the light to filter through in a delicious pink mist. It was quite remarkable. I wanted to be on the beach to capture it.

On arriving at the pool I mentioned the now past beautiful sky to my fellow swimmers, and no one had seen it. How could they have missed it? It was spectacular.

How much do I miss as I hurry from one pre-occupation to another? A most beautiful world begs for my attention as I scramble to meet deadlines, make appointments and change the world.

There is beauty and abundance all around us. How tragic that we miss it.

Pause now, in this moment, and feast on something in your line of sight that is begging you to see it for all its magnificence.

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