Integral Accounting is both an operating system and a way of being in the world that honours and reveals the true value already present in all dimensions of life. Most people approach the world through a type of uni-dimensional awareness. The form of dimensional constraint to which we’ve all become accustomed limits value to a single dimension we call “Money”.

But what would the world be like if we expanded our notions of value beyond a single dimension of money and into four, five, or even six dimensions. How would the world appear if we honored the dimension of money and recognized its role, but also perceived value across multiple domains and categories previously ignored or unnoticed. Integral Accounting upgrades our operating system so that we can see the value that is already present everywhere and in everything, no matter what the circumstances.  Equipped with the optics of Integral Accounting, we begin to realize that everything we need for the next step on our journey (professionally, socially, personally) is already here. With the lens of Integral Accounting, we see that the world is perfectly abundant exactly as it is.

This call was recorded with a live virtual audience on Monday 15th December 2014, Australian time, as the events in Sydney Martin Place were unfolding, were a gunman had seized hostages in the Lindt Coffee Shop. Dr Martin specifically addressed this situation through the Integral Accounting lens on the call. The call is unedited and quite raw, but very powerful.

As I write this and upload this audio, the outcomes of this hostage event has not been resolved.

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Photo credit: art work, Dylan Korelich, Artist in residence, M-CAM

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