Successful according to what and whom?

For all the people in the start up world, most will not make it to the big time. The rare bird will get to hit the jackpot. The lure of the jackpot is enough to keep the many in the game. And the game of innovation requires the all to be in the game, or the innovation does not happen. That’s the cycle.

Innovation requires the many…and yet only the few break though.

How about asking a different question that is not based on success?

What do you want to optimize?

Personally, I want to optimize my unique combination of skills, knowledge and my world view that enables business to evolve to the post-industrial world. In other words, I want to optimize what I already have, including the networks of people.

This is my first order answer to this question, which was raised by Kevin Kelly as I was doing my research for the podcast with him.

It is such a great question…requiring more consideration.

What do you want to optimize?

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight

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