Free…free…free…oh the sound of free.

Social media is free, this web summit is free. Sign up for my free newsletter….

Not. True.

Watching the sun rise is free. (So far it has not been commodified.) Holding hands with your beloved is free. But to choose to take time to watch the sunrise may mean you are not doing something else, which is a choice…a free choice…but with a consequence. All choice has consequence…a price of some form…

With social media you are the product…your every move, every like, every word a data point to be sold to some other company to make money off you.

The web summit…comes at the price of your email address…so you can be seduced into something, if not now, then down the line.

That free email newsletter…like I have…is usually designed to lure you to buy something…pay to join something…

(I would hope that 2:23AM is about building a community that chooses to be engaged and where everything we do is done in the full light of transparency.)

The words…lure, capture, seduce, sell…

Yet this is the conversation, is it not? How are you going to lure then monetize?

Surely there is a better question?

As I create 2:23AM, these are the questions, and the slippery slopes I am navigating.

And I simply refuse to play this game. The first lure them in (that would be people like you and me) and then monetize.

Yet the hard truth is we still require money to live in the world.

So what is the model? What is the way forward that offers ZERO lure/seduction, no ‘capture’, no coercion, no fancy spin doctoring…that is fair, respectful, dignified and treats people (that would be you and me) as sovereign beings able to make wise choice?

And allows the business and its entire community, internal and external, to thrive…?

This is my question. This is my creative tension?

I suspect it has to do with creating something that is deeply wanted and needed, that has total transparency at all stages of the engagement, that treats the community as intelligent sovereign beings, that invites versus manipulates or seduces, and that during the engagement, all parties feel incredibly blessed by the value provided. Oh…and there is no hidden agenda…which comes back to transparency, clean and clear intent, impeccable integrity…

That…I want that…I want to be a dignified human instead of a number in someones growing data base/metrics…


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