If you find yourself awake at 2:23AM with a call to a more whole expression of your life and work..

If you long to create enterprises that serve the wholeness and well-being of all..

If you want to lead the future of business…

Then you belong in the world of 2:23AM.

We care that business considers all short and long term field effects on all systems, communities, people, and stakeholders.

That business cannot maximise the goodwill of stakeholders if their interests are subordinated to the interest of the shareholders.

That in the future of business, beauty, love and business partner in every domain, with every relationship for all people.

That underpinning a 2:23AM business is generosity, abundance, wholeness, well-being, beauty and love.


Photo credit: Creative Commons License Scott Cresswell via Compfigh

2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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