Sunday was my birthday. It was simply one of the best and most amazing birthdays of my 54 years.

I am as fit and healthy as I have ever been in my life. I eat amazingly fresh and healthy food, get daily exercise and 7-8 hours sleep. There is no reason why my vitality should not continue in this way for at least another 20 or 30 or 40 years.

I am nourished by the love and support of amazing friends and colleagues around the world.

I have a most remarkable relationship with my daughter Natalie, and the love of a little dog, Milly.

I live in a world were fear is minimal, the air is clean, I can access health care, good roads, libraries and the like.

I am blessed with abundant warmth and sun, the ocean, sunrises, beauty beyond compare.

And this is just the ground of my being.

Yesterday was the continuation of a few days spent with house guests and beloved friends and colleagues. During these days we had met many people and had engaged in real conversations…the under the lid conversations. Those conversations which are like an oasis in the dessert of predominant surface conversations about stuff and things.

Lives were changed. People found sanctuary. Businesses were saved from falling into an abyss. Literally.

Miracles were a plenty.

In the evening we dined at my favourite Italian Pizzeria. Joined by two women who at the start of the conversation were strangers to us.

This is how our world works…someone calls from the East Coast of USA and says they would like to introduce us to these women, and we say…sure…dinner….which just happens to be my birthday dinner. They show up in equal bravery, not knowing they had gatecrashed a birthday party.

We all ended the evening back at my home, eating freshly made chocolate ice-cream from my new (Birthday gift) ice-cream churn. No longer strangers, but friends.

Is this not the life we want…where love is the source code, generosity the primary act of beginning, serendipity invited, and all the way, the opportunity to allow people to be fully real?

Is this not the kinds of enterprises we long for at 2.23AM? A place that feels like home? Home…were you can metaphorically relax and hang out in your sweats/PJ’s, no longer holding the projection of some other desired ideal? Where you can sink into the conversations that you most long to have….and may not have had for years?

Everything about my birthday was stunning. Everything about the life I have forged is awesome…(filled with awe) …everything about what we are creating with 2.23AM reflects this.

Someone asked me what I would want to do next year for my Birthday?

Exactly this…be surrounded by real friends who have committed their lives to doing great work for all of humanity. Eat amazing food co-created together by all… be in the sunshine…invite the serendipitous and miraculous…exactly this.

Thank you for your part in this community. It means the world to me.


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