I have ambition. I want to create virtual and physical spaces and places for people seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives through the expression of business that serves the well being of all of humanity. I want to support people and business to be at the frontier of the new paradigm of business.

Behind my ambition is a deep desire to create pathways for people to move towards greater wholeness and to create business that enables all others to do the same. And that includes myself.

It is a big ambition.

Am I ambitious? Not really. I don’t care much for my own fame and fortune. I have no interest in the spotlight, in being the super star, the best selling author…unless it serves the greater ambition.

And that is always the context….and the question…how do I invite people seeking more meaningful expression through business that serves all of humanity into the conversation?

The conversation is far bigger than me. Far bigger than one person.

Ambition is towards something, ambitious is towards self.

Yes…me thinks you can have ambition without being ambitious…but perhaps I am being pedantic?


2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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