Nights are often busy for me. Not with activity, but with the deep clearing of the subconscious. I trust the night to do its work…cleaning out junk to surface what is important.

Sometimes I float in the worlds between. Not sure what is real and what is not. This liminal space is quite delicious. I am aware but my inner self is calling the shots, directing traffic. Often the outcome is illuminating in ways I could not imagine.

My dreams allow me to eavesdrop on unexpressed desires, unspoken anxieties…to really connect with my soul. Dreams will speak of what we cannot confront in the full light of day.

To wake refreshed and feeling alive is a common experience for me, and one I practice with high priority. (Which means I make sleep a priority) To be fully awake and willing to engage with the day is a result of going to bed at the right time and ensuring enough sleep.

I like living the clock of the days. Early to bed, early to rise. Being present for the dawn over the Pacific makes it even more special.

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