Lessons I have learned….

*What you are creating needs to mean everything to you. E..v..e..r..y…t..h..i..n..g.

*In that, you might have to spend your own money, down to your last cent. You first, before anyone else. If you don’t trust yourself and your business then why ask someone else to? So many lives are squandered because people are terrified of putting their whole selves on the line. Yet in then end that is all we have…our whole selves.

*You need to really examine what the next step is…and then look around you ..look to your community, the resources you have…with the certain knowing that in your ecosystem is everything you need to get to the next step.

*You only need to provision for the next step. Not the 3rd step. Or the 10th.

*If you don’t ask the answer is no. However, what can you do to ensure the possible answer of yes? How can you be of value to the other in a way that will delight them to say yes?

*When you ask for money, make sure the timing is exactly right…and that the fit is right. Say yes only when it is so very right in all domains. Never out of desperation. If you are not clean around the request or if the money comes with a needy energy, it will bring that energy into your business and you will be paying forever.  This is too expensive. There is always another way…you just haven’t held the question long enough.

*Deeply respect the people you are asking money from.

*If you sleep with sharks, you better be a shark…OR..don’t say yes to receiving anything from anyone that you wouldn’t have look after your most precious possession.

*Treat the people who do provide money very actively in the loop, unless they request otherwise.

*Being lean enforces creativity. Having too much may engender laziness.

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