We are all born carrying a promise – a promise to make the world better. There is a yearning to make good on that promise than none of us can suppress for ever. Marianne Williamson

What wakes you at 2.23AM? Literally or metaphorically?

Over the last week I have met many wonderful people on my journey through Ireland. People doing great work. People who are delivering on the promise to make the world better.

We have the business and political systems we have because we said yes to them.

They are failing us. We can change that. We can make the world better.

No first step is too small. To not take a first step, the one you most want to take, is to not choose to live your heritage.

This is the call.

This is 2.23AM.

Let’s begin.


Photo Credit: Christine McDougall Ballymaloe Ireland

2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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