It’s a miracle we do not dissolve like a lump of sugar each time we take a bath.

It’s a miracle that I wake each morning. That my liver and kidneys have been doing their work, all without my attention. That my cells take oxygen that keep me alive. That I can chat with a friend who is hanging out in another day to me, half a world away. That what started as an undifferentiated cell is now my 23 year old daughter.

There comes a time when all of us feel like we need a miracle. I was thinking that this morning while I was out in the very fresh cool pre-dawn air.

“I need a miracle.”This is what I was thinking.

Specifically, I need to generate some work/money. Quickly.

And I was thinking about people who are praying for other miracles…like their cancer to be cured…or their missing son to come home…or the people to stop fighting, to stop raping and stoning women…or the USA Supreme Court to start acting like a Court of wise elders.

And then I started to think about the miracles that surround me. The miracle of the sunrise each day. And Venus in the dawn sky. The harmony of life around me…nature getting on with its pattern, as it has done for millions of years…

I was not thinking of this because I am noble or new agey…although I might be a little new agey..(or middle agey as Caroline Myss likes to say)…but because Nick Kyrgios beat Rafael Nadal in the tennis overnight…and he said.

You have to believe that you can win the match from the start, and I definitely thought that.’’

And Nadal said…
That’s happens when you have nothing to lose. You can play that way.”

For Kyrgios this was not a miracle. But here is the rub, if you do not believe in miracles then they are not so likely to happen.

And when you have nothing to lose, you can risk it all. We seem to think this is the privilege of youth. But as we get older we wise up and realise that what we think we have to lose is generally not worth it. (Status, title, big house…etc)

The pain lies when we believe we can win the match, really believe it, and we lose. This then takes us to the place where we must believe in miracles.

Photo credit: Christine McDougall, dawn, Surfers Paradise Beach July 2nd, 2014.

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