We carry so much baggage…doesn’t matter how much work we have done on ourselves, our baggage keeps us humble…and human.

We carry stories of our past failures, our past disappointments…stories that tell us that we cannot succeed in the future…we carry the patterns of our lineage…inherited myths that we may not even know. A new born baby cannot know to ‘hate’ someone of difference to them. This they are taught…or it is the air they breath in the home in which they are raised.

We carry agreements we didn’t even know we have..agreements such as women need to walk behind men…literally or metaphorically. Or boys to men do not cry… Or money is hard to make…nothing comes easily…

I have always been an ocean girl…I was born in Fiji…I have Island in my veins…to swim in the ocean…to swim..to be in the depth of water, this is a place that feels home. In the water we can let it all go…we can wash away the stories, the agreements, our lineage…pain…doubt…the Ocean will take it all. Try it…

And if water is not your home…a walk on a beach will restore even the most hardened Soul.

We come from water, we are mostly water…the illusion is that water and us are somehow separate. In the presence of the Ocean right balance is restored…


2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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