It is as perfect a day as you could imagine…and yet I was so caught in my own concerns that I didn’t see it.

It is the place that has been written about by many forever…when you have been working so hard and under such high risk for so long…and you can see the light…but you are caught in despair…

…will I make it…?

…am I delusional..?

…should I quit this project of love and get a job..?

As I was driving home, lost in this conversation…this came right back at me…if you quit you quit for everyone.

What? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

If you quit you quit for all the people who are seeking to live lives where their value is honoured and respected in the world. If you quit you quit for everything you have stood for your entire life.


That’s a big deal…

Sure…much is at stake…


And then it came to me, driving home on this perfect of perfect mornings…that now is what I have. The stories of my past ‘failures’, my past inadequacies…my relinquishing my power to someone ‘wiser/smarter/better’ than me…these are stories…they are not me..not now…not this moment….that I had become lost down the rabbit hole of my past..down the rabbit hold of these stories…and that the more time I spent there the further away I was from my future.

There is a perfect day to be noticed…and to notice a whole lot of people who have been cheering me on. Incredible, amazing support. Contribution….to quit is to dishonour them.

I can feel the stories of doubt still sitting behind me….and I am reminded of something worth remembering…doubt is fine…nothing wrong with it…the focus instead is commitment, action, aligned intention and staying the course. To spend time flaming the feeling of doubt is to fall back down the rabbit hole. I set my eyes to the path ahead.

Millions have people have walked this path, know this very place…they too are cheering me…

As I am cheering you…


Photo credit: Gerard Arcos via Compfight



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