We have a BIG problem. Like needing to build a car that travels 500 km on one electric charge.

Easier to do this than to get an electric car to go from 80 kms to 100 kms on one charge.

Why is this?

Because the exponential leap requires everything, EVERYTHING, be examined. No assumptions allowed. Start literally with a blank page.

Where as incremental change often brings the same thinking to the problem as was always there.

Young kids are often better at this…less conditioned…less institutionalized…

Like Boyan Slat who has a solution for cleaning up Ocean rubbish. Or Kevin Doe from Sierra Leone who uses trash to make technology.

Or Jack Andraka, a young man who has invented a test for pancreatic cancer.

We need exponential thinking. Leap thinking. Freedom from the constraints of the life absorbed assumptions. Google X/positive deviant thinking.

Let’s get to it…much more fun.

Photo credit: Amanda Richards via Compfight

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