Just imagine that our purpose is clearly carved into our being from the beginning. That there is no confusion. No lack of clarity.

That the only confusion is the confusion of illusion that you do not know your purpose. That from the moment your were born the flame of clarity was present, but has been almost snuffed out by all the competing signals. Signals such as….you can’t do that, you can’t make money doing that, you are not enough, not good enough….or …we don’t do things that way, we do things this way…this is how the world works…follow these rules…walk this road…don’t ask questions…don’t think for yourself…if you do this God (or some other parent/authority figure) will punish you…

That in fact we hardly ever think for ourselves. We are in the river of collective illusion and confusion.

Our journey then is to the beginning, where our purpose was present, untainted. The path requires a stripping away of all that is not ours. It demands we start to think for ourselves, act for ourselves. Fully become ourselves.

If today, from this moment, you rejected any trace of confusion and instead asked…”I know the truth, what is it?” ….this then poses the next question, the dangerous question…….if you knew the truth, would you act on it? Would you say yes? Would you dare enough to honour your truth?

Would you step into the arena? The crowd is calling your name.

Photo credit: Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

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