If you are reading this then you have a level of privilege others do not.

At the least.

You can read.

You have access to the internet.

You are probably educated.

Because these things are normalised in our society, we discount them. Yet there are others in the world who do not have similar access through no fault of their own. Do you care?

The heart of business is about value. Here is something of value. I offer this in exchange for that. However, somewhere along the path we lost our way. The heart of business became about profit to shareholders. The further we get from source – the further we get from the artist who created the value, the human who did the service, the farmer who tilled the soil, the recognition of the varied and many contributors to our business purpose –  the more we are separated from what really matters.

We then enter the land of the disconnected transaction.

And the further we disconnect from human to human business relationships, from art, from genuine ‘with love’ service, from doing stuff that really matters, then the easier it is to not care about the common good.

Who will care about the common good? And why should we?

We are the commons. The ivory tower of wealth and empire is impossible without the health of the commons. Without green parks, clean oceans, societal access to good education and health care, dynamic and viable food, art…without the infrastructure that enriches and enables the common good, we become bankrupt in spirit and morals.

Business that does not include the common good is not good business. It’s not even business. It is a pathological monster hell bent on winning at all costs.

Caring for the common good is good business. It re-engages the heart and soul of business. It fertilises the ground for great acts of love from all stakeholders.

What’s not to love about that? Showing up each day to work for love! Is there another way to live?


Photo credit: Creative Commons License qthomasbower via Compfight

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