You are having a sh*t day. Everything that can go wrong is going wrong. Maybe its even a sh*t week, or year. If you listened to your interior conversation, you would hear a stream of very crappy talk. This talk may be directed at the “perpetrators” of your so called bad experience, or it could be directed at you. No matter, you are stuck in victim hood. And the victim is a very dis-empowered place to be.

In the famous Scifi book, Enders Game, the children recruited to save the world go through endless simulations, or games, against the enemy. An airline pilot charged with the responsibility of hundreds of passengers will regularly be put through his/her paces in a simulation. The simulation is designed to challenge worst case scenarios. In other words, everything that can go wrong is brought up intentionally. The aim is to get the pilot to be better at being a pilot if the worst case scenario happens. And as passengers, we hope to hell our pilot has been through simulation after simulation and has come through them all with flying colours.

What if we looked at our sh*t days/weeks/years as a simulation, a game? A game perfectly designed to challenge the parts of us that are most likely to be unraveled?

Instead of being trapped in the game as a living breathing experience, we now become the player, working the controls.

“What is in this for me? What am I getting from this? How is this game training me to be better, faster, wiser, smarter, more whole?”

“Who will benefit from me going through this simulation and coming out with flying colours?” Or even…”who will benefit from me going through this simulation and crashing and burning?”

“How will I benefit from this?”

Any situation is an opportunity to take back your authority over how you show up. You have always been given the drivers seat of your life. But if you look really closely you will find that you may have taken the wheel, really taken the wheel, rarely. Your parents, your teachers, your peers, the boss, societal norms, the guy this morning who had road rage, your money, your addictions…these have all been driving the car of your life.

Time to take the controls. Ask for wild crazy testing simulations so you can be the best you possible. Yep ask for them.

Or be a victim and small player.

As always, you get to choose. (No exceptions)



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